Succession Planning – the need to identify the ‘right people, for the right jobs, in the right amount of time’ with no investment in any software required (perfect for a medium and small business ) – is critical. We understand that succession planning decisions are essential in sustaining your organization’s performance and success of not only preparing for tomorrow but also looking further into your company’s future.

The process is a ‘two-step process’ that helps…

  • Identify the depth of talent in your organization by taking a ‘people centric’ approach – who can move up 2 or 3 positions over the next 3 to 5 years
  • Recognize a stable line of succession by taking also a more ‘position centric’ approach to identifying potential successors
  • Distinguish from those positions, locations, or customers that are considered ‘key and critical’
  • Enhance bench strength, baseline for current talent and retention strategy to meet strategic initiatives and long- term competitiveness

Build a leadership workforce with the right leadership talent in the pipeline with a few questions:

  • How do we identify the next generation of leadership?
  • Do we need to worry about our leadership talent?
  • What qualities should we look for in our future leadership?
  • Do we need to grow our own leaders?

If you are ready, we will help you develop a succession planning initiative and answer the above questions about the future leadership of your organization alignment and integration of culture and leadership development. A succession planning process that will enhance bench strength, provide an objective baseline measure of current talent, define development needs to meet strategic initiatives, support a long-term retention strategy and long-term competitiveness.

Let us work with you using our approach to build a leadership workforce with the right leadership talent in the pipeline, which is critical for strengthening your relationship with your people in a sustainable process.

Designed for Small to Medium Sized Businesses
No Software Required!