Strategic Sales Coaching

When selling in a simple transactional environment, the best approach to developing strategy is to isolate those strategies that work…then teach people when to use which ones. That doesn’t work so well when selling in a more complex marketplace. In today’s competitive market sales strategies must be customer specific. Therefore, sales people must know how to critically analyze an opportunity and their managers must know how to challenge the thinking of their sales rep in order to help them formulate and execute the right strategy.

Top coaches in any field understand the importance of challenging the individuals on their teams, pushing them beyond what they thought they were capable of doing. A person’s best efforts often come when he is pushed outside of his comfort zone. The best coaches help their team break through mental and physical barriers in order to achieve victory. In strategic opportunity planning, this often takes the form of asking questions that shake the reps’ settled ideas. So, after choosing the right targets and developing a preliminary strategy, it is time to ask really good questions.