success in today’s market

Sales Simulation

Our simulations reflect reality – forcing your team to make decisions, react to the unexpected, and to plan and execute through your entire sales process. These sales simulations are at the core of every solution we create.

Whether your team needs to learn new skills, reinforce past training, or launch a new product, we create a simulation that will put your team to the test. It’s the realism of the simulations that inspire your sales force, and help them take your business to the next level.

To be successful in the market today your sales team must know how to apply the skills, knowledge, process and tools in an ever-changing world. Too often we assume our sales team know how to apply what they have been taught to the new market conditions, only later to find out they are struggling with some of the most basic skills. Though most of your sales reps consciously know what to do, they struggle in applying the skills, knowledge, process and tools in a way that has impact. Here are a few other reasons why implementing a competitive sales simulation might be a good idea.

Our Competitive Sales Simulations are a total immersion sales training experience that is designed and crafted specifically to replicate your marketplace and help your sales team be the best they can be, no matter when and under what market conditions they’re selling.

Depending on your needs, sales simulations can run anywhere from one to three days, and can be targeted to whatever level in the sales training hierarchy you choose.

New Product Launches

Ready to launch a new product or need to concentrate on one that’s under-performing? Maybe you’re targeting the wrong accounts or the wrong players within those accounts. Ignite has helped launch dozens of new products and we can help you master the competitive landscape too.

Opportunity & Strategy Development

Does your sales force sometimes have problems seeing the forest for the trees? Ignite can help them think more strategically – and outside the box – so they can not only get to know their accounts better, but learn to identify opportunities within those accounts.

Face-to-Face Selling

Whether they’ve been selling for a month, a year, 10 years or longer, we can help your sales force hone the skills that will make the difference between winning the sale or losing to the competition.


Do your reps keep getting to the big game only to lose in the final round? We can help them identify the roadblocks – from conflict to trust to market trends – they’re encountering and teach them how to negotiate their way to a win.