What is call reluctance? Why does it matter? Sales call reluctance consists of all the thoughts, feelings and “avoidance” behaviors that come together to keep otherwise talented, motivated and high-level salespeople from ever earning what they’re worth. Does it really matter? That’s for you to decide. If you or your sales people are struggling to make cold calls, follow-up calls, presentations to customers, or managing a sales force that needs help, this workshop is for you and your team. This workshop not only offers an in-depth look at identifying, diagnosing and correcting sales call reluctant behavior with your salespeople and sales managers but also how to overcome it and break this pattern of destruction.

Ever scratched your head and wondered why some of our salespeople are not doing what other top performers are doing? Wouldn’t you like to know?

This fear is defined as sales call reluctance…

  • I can do it tomorrow…about calling our customer back about our price, product availability, or about whether this answers their question
  • I need more time to prepare and research ‘some stuff’ before I call on this prospect or call my customer back…they can wait until I know everything I need to know
  • It’s not the right time to call on this prospect or to call my customer back with an answer to their question. I’ve got plenty of ‘busy work’ to do firs
  • My low sales performance …‘it’s not my fault’ – it’s the company’s, manager’s, economy, market, promotions, pricing, quality’s fault
  • I don’t want to waste my customer or prospect’s time. Waiting maybe one more day won’t upset my prospect or customer…even though my competition is making calls and closing deals

Call reluctance is an ongoing problem. The Sales Call Reluctance Workshop® is an intensive 1-day counter offensive on the emotional barriers that keep talented, motivated sales professionals from earning what they’re worth.

The workshop and SPQ*GOLD® will show you and your people how to conquer call reluctance for good. Those who participate learn specific strategies to approach customers or prospects with confidence. There’s no psychological pixie dust, mental makeovers or pseudo-spiritual sermons. This workshop is about changing unproductive behavior patterns to achieve measurable, bottom-line results for your sales team.


found yourself or your people putting off important sales calls, following-up on a piece of business, or prospecting for new business?