BMIGC Business partners


Portland, Oregon

The Distribution Team specializes in helping distribution business owners structure their company for maximum profitability, efficiency and satisfaction.


President, CONTXT CORP
Toledo, Ohio

President of Contxt Corp, specializes in helping organizations communicate change initiatives through the use of dynamic learning maps and other interactive mediums.

Steve gielda

Co-Founder, Ignite Selling
Washington, DC

For 20 years, Steve has been helping companies improve their sales performance. The success he has achieved in his career comes from helping clients meet their business goals. At the core – he am salesman. He loves working with clients, understanding their needs, and helping them solve problems.

He started his sales career at Lanier Worldwide, pounding the pavement and knocking on doors. His experience at Lanier taught him the power of client relationships and the importance of persistence. The career there also taught him the importance of effective sales leadership and helped him move into District Manager and later Regional VP of Sales positions.

Today, it’s his passion to help others, which is exactly what he does at Ignite Selling. They make a difference in the companies we serve and the sales people who work for them. There is little that satisfies him more than helping customers succeed.

Jim McKelvey

Detroit, Michigan

President of Greatlakes Profiles’ company works with small and large organizations, nationally and internationally providing simple, flexible, and durable solutions to people issues through assessments, coaching, training, and business simulations. Our philosophy is to partner with you to help you reach your organizational and profit goals with productive, motivated employees.

Dan Stiff

Wilmington, North Carolina

Leveraging 30+ years of experience in selling, leadership, teamwork, motivation and training with Fortune 100 companies, Dan Stiff ensures every LPD client receives expert insights which improves their knowledge, productivity and performance. 

Dan is also the author of the best-selling book; “Sell the Brand First”.

Susan Woods

Indianapolis, Indiana

Susan is President of Sales Performance Partners, a strategic sales consulting group specializing in the delivery of customized sales solutions. Using tested methodologies Susan works with clients to achieve sustainable results through sales strategy development, building customer-centric sales process, growing sales capabilities through coaching and sales management training and increasing profitable growth with negotiation skills and strategies.