Module 3

webcast: module 3


Your company has hundreds if not thousands of customers, and though they may all be important, they are not all equal.

Your customers’ ‘cost to serve’ in many ways mirrors yours.

One sales rep sent a $7 part, on an empty truck to a customer 47 miles away. He thought he was providing an excellent customer experience.


We push the ‘financial curtain’ all the way back and look at the real profitability our customers provide.  

Topics include:

  • The real ‘Cost to Serve’ behind every customer transaction
  • Customer Value Positioning…‘customers important, but not equal’
  • Every customers’ results has a story behind it
  • Do we really need to process that many invoices?
  • If you’re going to provide ‘excellent customer service’ we need to be great at ‘internal customer service’ first