Manufacturing Reality


Manufacturing Reality

Successful organizations are operationally excellent. To get to and stay at the top requires people who have the knowledge to compete at the highest level. They must understand the big picture and have the Business Acumen to make decisions to enhance and support the overall strategy. In short they must recognize how their daily decisions impact the bottom line. The ultimate objective of any business is to drive shareholder value.

It all comes down to a basic question:
Do they understand how to drive shareholder value?

Manufacturing Reality™ is a real world business simulation. Participants are members of a management team in one of 6 companies competing in a marketplace. The challenge within the simulation is to drive shareholder value in a competitive real world situation.

Specifically designed so participants understand:

  • The supply chain
  • Inventory (incoming and finished goods)
  • Sales and Marketing – including sales forecasting
  • Manufacturing (Quality, Efficiency, Flexibility, Lean/Smart)
  • Research and Development
  • Capital Investments
  • Cash Management
  • Financial measurements (Balance sheet, Income statement)
  • Developing and executing their strategy
  • Responding to competition