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Bill serves as President of Business Methodologies International, Global Consulting. (BMIGC), where he has been designing and delivering board-based business simulations for 15 years. His firm has developed programs in a wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Health Care, Call Centers, Distribution, Customer Service and many more. What makes Bill’s approach unique is that every program has been created with industry experts to satisfy specific issues within their industry. Additionally every program’s development has been sponsored by an organization within the industry for which the simulation was created.

Bill believes that as important as it is to drive efficiencies and financial results, minimizing the impact of the customer experience can be devastating to the long-term health of an organization. Success comes in the form of effectively managing both, and as such, his simulations reflect that reality.

Gary bodam, ph.d.

Managing Parter

Dr. Bodam is a Managing Partner at Business Methodologies International and is also currently an Adjunct Professor– Leadership Focus with the Jack Welch Management Institute – Executive MBA Program with Strayer University. He has had over 30 years of international experience in sales, sales management, training, human resources and organizational development with companies, developing, implementing and facilitating for the industrial, healthcare, consumer products, consulting and consulting industries. He has served in numerous executive and officer capacities in Organizational Development and Human Resources for GE, Johnson & Johnson, Polaroid, Thomas & Betts, Acuity Brands, U.S. Navy – integrating the Navy’s ‘Sea Warrior’ program transforming their manpower requirements, and Irby/Sonepar a world leader in electrical distribution – all billion-dollar-plus organizations with a wide range of products and services and global manufacturing and distribution operations to meet their strategic requirements. In association with Grimes & Associates of Oklahoma he is certified to teach Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance® also known as the Fear-Free Prospecting & Self Promotion Workshop™ and use the SPQ*GOLD®.

Additionally, he has played key roles in almost 15 mergers and acquisitions and co-authored a book, Leadership Moments: Turning Points That Changed Lives and Organizations (Tafford Publishing, Oxford, UK 2006 – Arc Leadership Group). He has lectured internationally on knowledge management ‘Staying Competitive with Knowledge Management’ and has a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix, as well as a Masters in Management from Webster University.

Keith Levick, Ph.D.

Managing Partner

Dr. Levick isis a Managing Partner at Business Methodologies International and is also a leading authority on corporate behavior and leadership. He is the author of over 40 soft skill classes which are currently being used by leading companies all over the world.

Kellie George

Director of Learning & Development

Recognized as a leader and trainer who creates positive, professional, and mutually beneficial programs, presentations, and relationships. Closely work with companies to design and create company culture; leadership development; improved communication; sales/business development; and management structure such as processes, procedures, accountability, and tracking. Facilitate trainings such as Talent Reality® 101, linking people with profits. Actively creates and facilitates virtual mastermind groups with participants from around the United States. Provide leadership, communication, sales training, and financial education.


John Edmonson

Director of Canadian Operations

John is an executive with over 30 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Management, Training and Development. John has had the privilege of working with industry leaders in manufacturing, hospitality, chemical and retail operations. He has served on the boards of several public and private companies, notably on the compensation and audit committees.

John has enjoyed coaching various teams in different sports including hockey, baseball, football and rugby. He has been an avid player of all sports since his youth, runs on a regular basis and plays at old boy´s rugby.

John has extensive public speaking experience and is a frequent speaker at various industry and technology symposiums.

John has a degree from the University of British Columbia in Political Science and Economics, and has taken many courses in accounting, sales and marketing and general interest topics over the years. He is still trying to learn French, mostly without success.

John has led numerous political and charitable fundraising events. He was a Director of The Residences for Independent Living Society for 10 years – a society that operates two residential properties for physically challenged adults.

John Edmondson is also President & Founder of JTeManagement.


Corinne smerika

Director of Instructional Design

andrew castle

Director of Australian and Pacific Rim Operations

Tony mistretta

Director of Marketing and Media