A learning map is a highly graphical table top poster that serves as a game board for learning. It contains models and activities that use multiple learning objects to engage the learner. We have based the design of all skill-based programs, such as opportunity strategy development, face-to-face selling skills, coaching skills and negotiation skills on this training methodology. Because of this, auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners are all engaged throughout the entire process. There is no death by PowerPoint® in these programs. In fact, in many of these programs we’ve eliminated PowerPoint® altogether. Imagine the reaction of participants when they walk in the room and don’t see a projector and a screen at the front of the room. Instead, they see a game board, some cards, or some stickers. They know this is going to be a different kind of learning experience.


  • Establish Urgency
  • Create the Guiding Team
  • Develop Vision and Strategy
  • Communicate for Understanding and Buy-In
  • Empower Others to Act
  • Produce Short Term Wins
  • Consolidate Gains and Produce More Change
  • Create a New Culture