Inventory Management

The 2 Day Inventory Management Seminar for Distributors

Offered in the Spring and Fall for 40 participants, a unique opportunity for all management personnel to learn over 30 different “hunting for cash” ideas that can be implemented immediately.

  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Branch Operations
  • Receiving and Stocking
  • Cycle Counting
  • Dead Stock Management
  • Getting the Most out of your Software
  • Practical Distribution Industry Technology

This is an anti-academic session that cuts through boring theory getting down to the meat and potatoes of managing inventory. Hundreds of distribution professionals have benefited greatly from this valuable training experience.

The Private Company Inventory Management Seminar

This service is a condensed version of the above award winning Inventory Management Seminar designed to custom fit your organization’s needs.

During the presentation, we cover material best suited to the audience. Having issues with inventory, purchasing, supplier management? This will cover your specific needs. The goal of this session is designed to help every one of your key personnel discover their interconnected role in a short amount of time. This type of seminar is well suited to multi-branch organizations.

We guarantee your group will come away with a priority list of cash hunting objectives to put in place almost immediately upon returning to their desks. Due to the personal nature of the training, participants will be able to develop solutions to nagging challenges during the session. It has been our experience that implementing new ideas becomes easier when everyone hears the same message.